Friday, April 2, 2010


Two utterly different but very adorable dollhouses. I absolutely love both of these. This first one feels very Parisian, doesn't it? Couldn't you just imagine little tiny baguettes on the dining room table? It comes in three colors, and when they are all together they also remind me of the row houses in San Francisco. Even the colors are sort of San Francisco-ey, aren't they? The designer did a great job of integrating the flat sides of the dollhouse and 3-d furniture. I think if I was still a little girl, I could play forever with this house. This next dollhouse is a horse (house?) of an entirely different color. Completely modern. The difference between these two reminds me of me and my sister. Her aesthetic and mine are totally different (but equally fabulous, if I do say so myself). I can imagine us growing up with our individual dollhouses that perfectly fit our design personalities, side-by-side. Maybe we should each get one as grown ups.

This one would be hers. Even the furniture is clean-lined and modern, with punches of color. And I think her husband Brian would totally support the entertainment system. I think my mind has been on dollhouses lately because I myself have been so housebound. I have been trying to keep a good attitude about this whole bedrest business, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. I find myself living vicariously through my mom and Zach, and looking forward to little outings like going to the doctor's office (which I get to do almost every other day).

I keep telling Zach that this whole motherhood business better be worth it. He reassures me it will be.

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  1. When I was a little girl, I wanted a dollhouse so badly, and one of my favorite pieces in the Smithsonian collection is this turn-of-the-century dollhouse: Both of these are fabulous. I love imagining the tiny family that would live in the colorful fist one. And this second one, I could absolutely picture in the hills of Los Angeles.

  2. I longed for a dollhouse growing up -- not a plastic Barbie-ish one, a pastel, San Francisco Victorian style one, with real looking furniture. With Baby Girl on the way, maybe I'll finally have an excuse to get one! Although apparently there's a growing movement of grown-up dollhouse-keepers . . .