Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome to the world, Tate!

Well friends, it has been awhile, and this is the utterly adorable reason: Born on April 6, please meet Michael Tate Holmboe, who will be known to all the world as Tate. Named after his Grampa Michael Herrick, we chose Tate because it means "cheerful" and honors his Scandinavian heritage. Overall, we have a new love of our life. Labor was a long and intense affair, as those things are wont to be. But it was greatly helped by my comfy, adorable hospital gown. I loved my hospital gown by Hot Mama Gowns: It was everything that the company promised. Thick, organic cotton that you couldn't see through (unlike the paper thin hospital gowns), it snaps up the back to allow access to any doctors or nurses that need it, but also allows you to walk the halls without exposing your bare behind to the entire hospital. And the innovative panels that make nursing a dignified affair- you can untie the ribbon to nurse on one side while keeping your other side covered. I wore the hospital issued gown during labor, and put my Hot Mama gown on after he was born, when I was up and about and after I took my first shower. It was so nice to put on something clean and substantial and attractive. And it looked equally nice before and after I had the baby. I have also been wearing it at home. It is perfect for the middle of the night feedings and makes me feel less schleppy. All in all, I can fully endorse the Hot Mama gown as worth every penny (and if you don't love the black and white one I chose, there are lots of other fabric designs). Also, another update- Zach's mom recently gifted him with the Petunia Picklebottom Scout diaper bag I talked about here, and we are happy to report it is just as awesome in person as we had hoped. Substantial, manly, great design... Z is going to be the most stylish dad on the playground. So now on to more adorable baby pics to gush over, with more regular updates to come!


  1. He is adorable! Congrats!

    Great gown!! So cute too. LaVonne will be so happy that you guys like the bag, she bragged about it to us all at Palcare.

    ~ Jenny

  2. I'm looking into getting one of these gowns! And which stretch mark moisturizer is it? There are a couple of products made by that company,but I too would like to feel (however irrationally) that I'm doing something on that front. And I like to smell good =)