Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am not Heidi Klum

Friends, do you ever feel frustrated at not being Heidi Klum? Not only does she look great pregnant, but she somehow manages to look just as great within days of delivering her latest baby. This has not been the case throughout my pregnancy, and the last two weeks with Tate. I have more of the harried new mom look (although I have managed to shower and blow dry my hair every day since I've been home, a feat that, according to my other mom friends, deserves to be recognized). However, throughout this pregnancy and the first few weeks with the new baby, there have been a few amazing products that have made me feel beautiful. I wanted to share some of these favorite beauty products that make me feel, if not exactly like Heidi, at least more Klum-like. First is this blush. It is creamy and easy to apply (I just rub a little on with my ring finger) and it instantly makes me feel refreshed and natural.
The hair product I can't live without. I literally keep multiple bottles throughout the house in order to make sure I never run out. I have straight hair that is in desperate need of some volume, and this is the only product I have ever tried that really makes my hair thicker without looking coarse. I love it.
Delicious-smelling and super moisturizing stretch mark cream. I used this all throughout my pregnancy and still use it (in fact, it smells so good and is so moisturizing that I might end up using it forever). Now Zach, the rational scientist in the family, will assure you that stretch marks are completely genetic, and that no cream is going to prevent them. However, I still felt better about at least doing something to try to prevent them. And it was so moisturizing and soaked into my skin so quickly- I could put it on after I showered and not feel sticky or greasy when I got ready for work. It is a little expensive, but will certainly be a gift for all my future pregnant friends.
My good friend Melissa introduced me to this complexion highlighter a few years ago. I have used it religiously ever since. Like the blush, it is easy to apply with your finger, and I find that a dab on my cheekbones and brow bones and the inner corners of my eyes brightens up my entire face. Not sparkly or shimmery, it is perfectly age appropriate (don't you hate seeing women past the age of 21 wearing glitter?)
And last but not least- my favorite lipstick, that I swear looks good on everyone. It flatters your natural lip color, gives a tiny bit of shine, and never makes me feel overdone.
So that's it. A few of my go-to favorites that have helped me feel like myself during all these body changes in the last few months. Happy shopping!

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