Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back(packs) to School

Shannon is a doctoral student at NYU and emailed recently wondering about stylish backpacks that a girl can wear from class to cocktails without feeling like, well, you are wearing a backpack. This is timely because it is starting to feel like back-to-school around here. Zach is officially in the lesson-planning mode, and we have together decided that we can no longer continue to ignore the ominous envelopes from the school district telling him when his first day of work is. Plus my classes start up again in just a few weeks (but officially end in October- so exciting!). Back-to-school shopping was always one of my favorite mother-daughter activities (each year my sister and I would go shopping for an entire day with mom, and then come home and put on a fashion show for dad), and shopping always included a stylish bag or backpack. Backpacks, as Shannon pointed out, are so much better from a posture point of view, but tend to lack style. Could we find some that had both the style and the function? Happily, yes. These are a few of my favorites. I love the lines of this Tony Perotti bag: This Fossil bag looks soft and squishy: I love the ingenious back to this one: This one seems sporty and classic, like a Ralph Lauren model should wear it, don't you think? And lastly, I think this one wins for most fun: How about you? Any back-to-school traditions in your family?

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  1. You're a hero and my personal style guru. I can't wait to send you a photo of me sporting my new backpack on the first day of school.