Friday, August 6, 2010

Hudson Furniture

Lindy emailed me about Hudson Furniture, which she loves. And I love too. I feel lucky she introduced me to it, although now there is just more expensive home decor to lust after. The furniture is made with recycled materials and salvaged or wind/storm damaged trees. They use traditional techniques and I think the pieces are amazing. The chandelier that Lindy is coveting takes my breath away. It literally drips.
And this bed... oh my. How many beds can one girl want? If I ever actually have the money to buy a bed, it is going to be a long, tough decision, I tell you. All of their furniture is made custom for you- wouldn't it be amazing to have a huge, long dinner table like this one? Now that is a Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. I want that dinner table. Want, want, want. I think I'm ruined now; no other table will ever be good enough for me.