Monday, August 16, 2010

E Street Shrimp Boil

My friend Dawn lives on E Street in Washington, DC. She and her husband Nick have a lovely home and sunny garden and energetic dog and (sometimes) disdainful cat and many wonderful neighbors, and they are thoroughly creative and inspiring people (see the shed Nick built in their backyard? Wow!).
Anyway, this past weekend they hosted an E Street Shrimp Boil for their neighborhood. Handmade wood block invitations were delivered to neighbors and friends, and the shrimp boil ensued.
Wouldn't you love to have been there? I love this idea of a community party. We once did one for the Fourth of July with our neighbors, but since then, said neighbors have moved, and sadly, we have not reinstated the tradition.
Read all about Dawn's E Street Shrimp Boil and see more pictures here. And maybe get inspired to become the neighbor that starts the annual block party tradition.

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