Friday, March 20, 2015

Being Springy When It Feels Like Winter

"Winter returns to welcome spring". That's what the weatherman on the local news said this morning, when he told me that we were going to get a few inches of snow today. On the first day of spring. Sigh.

Is it springy where you are? If not, here's an idea that worked really well for me this week. Bring spring inside.

Remember the $.49 pots I bought at IKEA, and how I said I had a plan for them? Here's how I ended using them.
With the help of Tate, we planted each pot with a sunny, happy jonquil plant (those are jonquils, right? The little baby daffodils?)! I love spacing them out across the entire length of the dining room table- when I walk in the front door, they shout such a cheerful greeting. The boys have really loved them too. We see how much they grow, and count the number of blooms. Just having them in the house has initiated spring-like conversations about bulbs and growing and bees and allergies. It's so nice having something so bright and lively inside, despite the gray cold outside.

Another trick for feeling springy when it feels like winter? Cocktails! Zach and I have been enjoying various rum and citrus based cocktails over the past few weeks. Trust me- taking a sip of a drink that's heavy on the pineapple will have you feeling like sunny weather is just around the corner.

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