Friday, March 6, 2015

Rave: Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream

My hair is flat. I have a lot of it, but it is flat. It is also very slippery. And I like big hair. The bigger the better. And I like texture and I like things like bobby pins and hair bands to actually, you know, stay in my hair instead of slipping out. Imagine that.

Trying to accomplish all of this- give my hair texture and body- without making it feel greasy or weighing it down is a challenge. But it's so hard to feel pretty on days when my hair doesn't look good, you know?

So thank goodness for Bumble and Bumble's Styling Creme. To be honest, I don't actually know what this creme is. It's not mousse, its not gel... but somehow it makes my hair just the right amount of full and texturey.

I use about a quarter-sized amount and then blow-dry. I use it literally every day.

I think the reason I decided to share it with you today is because I've been out for the last week and my hair has been a disaster! I always have a hard time feeling pretty and pulled together if my hair is a mess. Isn't it funny how just one little product can make such a big difference in how you feel? Luckily, my new bottle arrived yesterday so today I am feeling great!

Do you have any favorite products you can't live without? Do you use them every day, or just on special occasions? Do you use them on weekends? I think one of the reasons I go through the Styling Creme so quickly is because I use it every day (I've even been know to pack squirts of it in old contact cases so I can get it through security when I'm not checking luggage, Ha!)

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