Thursday, March 5, 2015


Phew! What a week. We successfully registered Tate for kindergarten this week and booked the location for his upcoming fifth birthday party (more details to come on that soon). Zach and I both looked at each other across the packing-popcorn-strewn living room floor (possibly the world's cheapest and messiest toy) this morning and asked "is it Friday yet"? How has your week been going? Are you feeling the same sense of "why isn't it the weekend yet?" that we are?

I am excited with what I have to share with you today as I'm such a fan. Have you seen Rylee+Cru yet? I am just loving this new line of children's clothes, accessories, and prints. (Confession? I also have a serious style crush on Rylee+Cru founder and illustrator, Kelli Murray. Check out her blog to see what I mean).

I keep thinking about all the small babes in my life who would look utterly adorable in Kelli's charming designs. They are soft and fresh and wholesome. I love the natural colors and the easiness of the fit. And many of these styles would accommodate even the rolliest of thighs, something I always had to look out for when dressing my boys.
I am particularly tempted by the sweet onesies. So effortless. I also love that the clothes are made here in the United States, in California specifically, and hand-dyed. I think that kind of attention-to-detail and commitment to quality really shows through, don't you?

Kelli also makes illustrations that I think would be perfect in a nursery. I am particularly partial to this guy:

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  1. I cannot get over these adorable knit accessories. That little bow headband is killing me.