Thursday, March 12, 2015

Feiyue: Cool Sneakers

This week has been hard. It is a really intense period at work and we have topped this off with a sickness that the boys and I just can't get rid of. It is weeks like this where I feel so alone out here. Today I had an important meeting I had to be at, so instead of staying in bed (where I probably belonged), I ended up dragging a sick Tate with me to work. Poor guy. He had a fever so he wasn't allowed to go to pre-school and we don't have any sitters out here, so he got swept along and had to sit in my office for 3 hours while I (barely) navigated important meetings. He did great.

One of the real bummers about being so sick is that this week we had our  first gorgeous spring day. Over 50 degrees! Sunny! Blue skies! To bundle up on the couch with boxes of tissues felt wrong. I did however get some online shopping done.

So here's the thing. I am in desperate need of a pair of sneakers. I officially only own work shoes and work-out shoes. I need that perfect in-between.

Coincidentally, Tate is also in need of new sneakers. I was looking around for kids' sneakers online and Tate picked out these (he said they were "very cool" because of their "speed arrows" in a grave and serious voice):
I seriously love the sneakers he picked out. So I started looking into Feiyue's adult sneakers. Oh man. There are so many good ones. Not just the gold ones above (but come on, right? how awesome are those?) but also some more standard ones that would look great with jeans for running errands around town:

They do have a tendency to go a little wacky, especially with the kids sneakers. How wild are these? But I find the design so simultaneously modern and retro. I really want a pair. (And yes, Tate's are on order. He'll be the coolest kid around.)

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