Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tate is Five: The Invitations

It's hard to believe that Tate is turning five in less than a month! Remember when he arrived? Such a sweet bundle. The years have whizzed by.

Other than his first birthday, we haven't thrown Tate a birthday party. We typically do something as a family instead. For example, last year we went to the Bronx Zoo. But over the last three years, Tate has been going to the same pre-school with the same friends, and next year, when he (and all his friends) go to kindergarten, they won't see each other much anymore. Because we all live in different school districts, not a single one of Tate's friends from pre-school will be in his kindergarten class. So I thought that this was the perfect year for a birthday party.
We had lots of discussion about what kind of party Tate wanted. He threw out the ideas of a space party or a dinosaur party. But ultimately, he settled on a butterfly party! Isn't that sweet? I have to admit, the idea of coming up with a butterfly-themed party for a little boy stumped me at first, but now that I am well into the planning, I am having a great time.

I love minted, and think the quality of their invitations is fantastic. Knowing that I wanted to focus on monarch butterflies specifically, I was excited when I found the butterfly mitzvah design. This is one of the best things about minted; even though this design was for a more formal (and feminine) party, I was able to adapt it with more boy-ish fonts to fit the feel of our event.
Another thing I love about minted? You can print on the back of the invitations. I loved the idea of a subtle nod to both the butterfly theme and Tate's evolution:
Yet another great thing about minted? You can choose your envelope! I chose the brown kraft envelope to further add to the casual feel of the invitations.  

Overall, the invitations make me so happy and Tate absolutely loves them. He diligently wrote all his friends names on the fronts of the envelopes and even mailed a few to loved ones far away. I can't wait for the party!

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