Monday, March 9, 2015

HappyOwl Glassworks: A Happy Night Lite

Happy Monday! Did you have a wonderful and restful weekend? I spent part of my weekend reading this article, which makes the point that exhaustion is not a status symbol- such a great reminder, isn't it? I loved that interview so much I sent it to my entire staff.

In other news, Tate is four (five in less than a month!), and he has recently begun getting scared in the night. I am not entirely sure if he is really, truly scared or has simply figured out that the likelihood of  getting to crawl into our bed goes up if he claims to be scared, but there we have it. Monsters. Noises. Shadow-shapes. All end up making him a little afraid.

Ultimately this led to him asking, of his own accord, for a nightlight. Because the boys share a room, we wanted something that was pretty dim but that would still help reassure Tate. I wasn't sure if we would find something I really liked, since nightlights have never been something I've particularly loved, so when I stumbled across HappyOwl Glassworks, I was thrilled. HappyOwl creates hand-painted nightlights of really realistic animals, in really great colors. We chose the highlighter yellow meerkat. Isn't he a friendly little guy?

There were a few others we loved too. This octopus was great:
 I don't think that the trio of baby owls could be any cuter:
And I find the whale super-calming...
I love that they are based out of Boston so I felt like my money was supporting a local craftsman. I also felt really great about the price- $42 seemed totally worth it.

Needless to say, Tate now insists that his nighlight stay on all night. Who knew meerkat's could be such great protectors?

first three photos taken by me. others found here and here and here 

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