Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beatrix Ong Shoes
I was rifling through a magazine the other day, and was struck by the shoes on a model in an ad. So struck, in fact, that I stopped what I was doing to look up the designer. Lo and behold, it was British designer Beatrix Ong. I had not heard of Ms. Ong before, but after voraciously perusing her website, I am officially a fan.

So many of her designs are very structural, and you can see definite inspiration from origami and nature. Birds wings make frequent appearances.

And her more outlandish designs (that, let's be honest, are simply not realistic for my ordinary life) are balanced by simpler designs that are still beautiful, but completely wearable. Like this one:

And her use of color is bold and refreshing. Can't you see these red shoes with a black skirt in the office and red lipstick?

But my favorite pair of all, the true piece de resistance, is this pair:

I think they would make the perfect wedding shoe.

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  1. If I were a superhero, my daytime persona--my Clark Kent, if you will--would totally sport those winged heels.