Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ever since Zach and I have enhanced our bedroom with curtains and bookcases and new carpet and a bed skirt and soft, white, bedding, I love spending time in there. It has become a tranquil and peaceful spot, and I find myself leisurely wallowing among the blankets and pillows out of sheer enjoyment (well, that and the fact that I am on doctor-mandated bed rest. But I digress). The paint on the walls looks prettier, the light coming in the windows seems brighter, and overall it just seems so much more appealing. So although I know we are probably a few years away from spending the money to buy a real bed frame, and I am perfectly content with our current bedroom situation, I can't help but poke around those sites I know and love for the perfect bed, so I have it in mind when the time to is right. I have recently been looking at this bed a lot. And this bed is one I have long admired from afar. But friends, the ante was officially upped when I saw these two fairytale beds, both handmade and both absolutely beautiful. Dawn emailed me this one, saying it was something she coveted. Rightly so, I say. And imagine falling asleep under this fanciful apple tree canopy. Couldn't you see these in a little girl's fairytale bedroom? Or in my fairytale bedroom? I have to believe that I would sleep more peacefully and have more pleasant dreams if I was surrounded by branches all night. The only thing that could make it better was if we put a skylight right in the middle of the canopy, so between the stars and the branches and the Oregon rainfall at night, it would be like sleeping in a storybook.

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  1. I have also been thinking about beds recently, and even though I first read this post awhile back, I didn't really notice until today that you posted about that gray anthro bed. Which I saw (independently) online recently, and fell in love with... and which I saw in person at the Fifth Avenue store, and then REALLY fell in love with. In person, it's perfect in everyway but price. Oh anthropologie, why oh why must you be outrageously expensive?