Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In My Dreams

Friends, have you ever watched the television show "Scrubs"? One of the things I love about it is the dreamy montages, wherein which characters imagine themselves into an alternate, often absurd, reality. Well, when I saw these pinatas, filled with homemade confetti and aptly called the Confetti System, my imagination immediately created an alternate universe, in which, the moment our baby boy is born, these glittering pinatas explode, much like champagne corks, and cover my whole new family in confetti while trumpets blare in the background and I smile glowingly at everyone.
When I think about the realities of actually having confetti rain down upon me after labor, sticking to who knows what, I am kind of grossed out. But it just goes to show the power of these pinatas. They are so fanciful and chic and just made for daydreams of ecstatic celebrations.
Maybe I will get one (or a dozen!) for my 30th birthday party instead.

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