Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Handmade with Love Part II

My mom is simultaneously the most talented and most humble woman I know. When it comes to handmade, my mom puts everyone else to shame. Case in point? Instead of the traditional wedding guest book, my mom (a hand quilter) made us The. Most. Amazing. Signature. Quilt. Ever. Friends, are you familiar with a signature quilt? In a nutshell, the concept is that the guests sign quilt squares instead of the traditional book. Once the squares are signed, they are then pieced together into a larger quilt. Here are pictures of the squares my mom made displayed at our wedding, waiting for guest signatures:
And here is just a glimpse of the finished product.
Friends, it took my mom five years to complete this quilt. Five years! And do you want to know why? Because every single stitch in this quilt was done by hand. I know. I am in awe too. It is taking me 9 months to grow this baby and I feel tired and impatient doing it. Let alone 5 years of investment. But her commitment and attention to detail is one of the best things about my mom. Here are a few more gorgeous pictures of the signature quilt:
Another of my mom's handmade gifts? These amazing, embroidered pillow shams. I love that she did mine in green, they look so pretty against the hyacinth walls in our guest room.
Aren't I lucky to have such a talented mom? Wouldn't you love to be tucked into a guest room bed with these delicious pillows? Isn't our son lucky for all of grandma's projects to come?

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  1. I LOVE those pillows. They are so perfect.