Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This, friends, is what happens when the doctor puts you on bedrest 7 weeks before your due date and your fantastic husband goes to Barnes & Noble. You end up with weeks worth of reading material; books and magazines for every mood. Zach managed to buy a book from every genre that I love; history, business, fiction... Isn't he a sweet and thoughtful man? So yes, bed rest it is, but just for a few more weeks, because the doctor thinks that our little guy is going to end up being induced the first week of April! So he may be here sooner than we expected. In other news, doesn't this hamburger look delicious? Zach made it for dinner last week, and the best part was the homemade spicy pickles. Do you pickle? Or can? If so, I love these canning labels from Lelo in NoPo. So clean.
And pre-bed rest, I spent some time making thank-you's for the wonderful hosts and gift-givers at our shower.
I ended up going with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and chewy brownies. The brownies were from a recent Cook's Illustrated, and I have already made them 4 times. They are that delicious. People have actually requested them.
Do you have any favorite recipes? In particular, how about a chewy chocolate chip cookie with crispy edges? I am on a constant hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie...


  1. Hey Janelle, Wish I could join you on bed rest. Those books and magazines look delicious. Oh, and so did the hamburger. Have you ever deep fried your tater-tots. To die for. They are popular here in bars and so good. We once tried a huge one about the size of a baked potato but the fried to mushy ratio was off. I figured you of all people might have a deep frier. I am about to start Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell's new book. I'm sure it will be a light, easy, entertaining read like Freakonomics. I am also going to read ALice in Wonderland, as I havenever read it. Weird huh!

  2. Hey Janelle,

    That last comment was mine:)Lis