Thursday, March 4, 2010

Party Details

I am loving these party details by Fete owner Jung Lee. Here Jung shows off some of the personalized stamps Fete has created for wedding and save-the-date invitations courtesy of Zazzle. I love the idea of paying such close attention to every visual detail of a party invite. Just think of all the endless ways you can make your invitations stand out with personalized details like modern, designed stamps. And when I think about trying to balance motherhood with the very real fact that I (as my sister says) "don't want my home overrun with plastic crap", I was excited to see these chic, disposable placements/napkins called My Drap. You unroll and tear them at the perforation just like papertowels. It is when I find things like this that I think "of course! Why didn't I think of that?!" Because the idea of using cloth napkins for dinner or picnics is so appealing. But is it just me and my messy life, or do cloth napkins seem to get stained within just one use? So I feel like they are a waste of money. The My Drap products have such clean design details to take them above the humble papertowel but below the expense and potential fussiness of formal cloth napkins and placemats. And they come in all sizes, too! Cocktail napkins- dinner napkins- the perfect way to teach little kids about place settings without worrying about anything being too precious. And you can wash them, and use them a few times, before eventually throwing them in the compost pile (because yes- they are compostable!!)
And aren't these disposable plates and cups amazing? Who says having kids and kid parties means cheap, wax-covered disposable dinnerware?

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  1. Ok as your sister I have to disagree:) I love real cloth napkins and they are so classy. They don't really stain that easily and they add a lot to nachos on super bowl Sunday-from personal experience. Just skip the white napkins:) those are beautiful though.