Friday, March 19, 2010

For Dad

It has been a few days now since I've posted. You would think being on bedrest would provide a lot of opportunities for doing nothing but posting, but I find that working from home eats up a good portion of my day. Combined with Oprah and Dr. Phil, and the fact that my mom arrived on Wednesday so I now have someone to gossip and read magazines with, and the days are slipping by. Nevertheless, I have been thinking a lot about the new baby, and in particular, Zach and the new baby. So many things out in the world for moms, so I am impressed with how Petunia Pickle Bottom has come out with such a great line of items for dads. In particular, I am absolutely loving the new, about-to-be-released baby carrier. The color and design are so masculine. I really want to get this for Zach, because a carrier was one of the only items he really specifically wanted for himself. As a teacher, he has summers off, and so he plans to garden and take walks and go to the Farmer's Market with the baby, all in all soaking up the beautiful Portland summers. He wanted a carrier to help him do so. I think this is the perfect one. Also, what are your thoughts on the male diaper bag? Since I know Zach will be a hands-on dad who is always willing to take the baby out and about, I think it is a great idea. Once again, Petunia Pickle Bottom's Scout label is making me drool. Look at this one: You would never guess it comes with a changing pad, space for a bottle, etc. Cheers to good design for dads!

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