Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Be Amazing: Children Inspire Design

Growing up, I had a friend named Ginny, and in her house, on the way down the stairs, her parents had painted this: "6'1, duck or bump."

You guys. I loved that. It was so fun, wasn't it? I always thought that if I had a stairwell, I would put something fun above it to read on the way down. So when we moved to Western Mass, and moved into our 2-story home, I knew that this was it. Time to put something fun going down the stairs.

But what?

When I saw this print from Children Inspire Design, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. What an awesome message, right? That no matter what our day held for us, we would be amazing in it?

Once I bought the print, I framed it with a black frame from Michael's. I painted the wall it  hung on (above the stairs) the bright raspberry sorbet color of the dining room, which really helps draw your attention to it. And I think it looks so great above the wallpaper in the entryway.
This print makes me feel so happy everyday. It has sparked some great conversations with Tate about what it means to be amazing and about putting our best into our day no matter what it holds for us.

There are so many other prints at Children Inspire Design that I love. Ones that ask questions like What if I fall?  Or that tell us we're amazing. Or that let us personalize messages that resonate with our families. I also love their wood frame kits- a good looking way to hang prints no matter your decor.

One of the best thing about Children Inspire Design? They are a buy/give organization, which means that every time you buy something, they try to give something. Inspiring, right? For example, they donate 10% of their proceeds to global woman and children focused initiatives. So great, right? Maybe even (dare I say it?) amazing?

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