Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Valentine's Day Gift Guides

Big Heart Limited Edition Art Print by Jorey Hurley | Minted
I love Valentine's Day. Maybe because my first date with Zach was on Valentine's Day? Either way, with only two weeks left, now is the time to think about gifts. There is nothing I hate more than a last-minute Valentine's Day gift. So I put together some Gift Guides for you! You can check them out on my Pinterest page. I'll be updating over the next week or so as I spot new items.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Kids: When I was little, my mom would always decorate the dining room table while we were at school. There were gifts and cupcakes. The things I put here are little things I thought my mom might have left for us,

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Women: Good for sweethearts or best friends.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men: I sometimes think that guys get the short-end of the stick on Valentine's Day. So many expectations from the women in their life! I always like to try to do something special for Zach.

Enjoy! And if there's anything amazing out there I missed, let me know!

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Big Heart print pictured above available here.

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