Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Unexpected Art

I love having art on the walls. Art and color. But sometimes, I run out of wall space or can't find the perfect spot for a particular piece. Such was the case with the sweet Petit Prince print my sister bought Tate. I knew I wanted it in the boys' room, but I just couldn't find the right spot. It floated around for awhile. But this weekend, it finally found an (unexpected) home!

In the end, I decided to hang it on the door to the boys' room. And I love it! The sentiment is so over-arching, I love the idea that it is what greets you first when you walk towards the boys room. And as I head up the stairs or down the hall, it makes me smile.

I love the idea of extending your wallspace by using bedroom doors. And no need to worry about nail-holes. I used these Command picture hanging strips and they worked great! 

Do you hang art in any unexpected places? Tell me about it! I'd love to hear your good ideas!

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