Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hillary Butler Fine Art

Image of NEW! "Sway" Available for one commission starting at $250
I am so excited to share Hillary Butler Fine Art with you today. I discovered her work about 6 months ago and I can't stop gazing at it. It is so beautiful. I find her use of color stunning and though landscape-esque, her paintings are so much more than that. I want to live in one of them.

Image of NEW! "Flask of Hope" Available for one commission starting at $250

Image of "Albie" 24" x 24"
Isn't there such a melted ice-cream quality to them? I think one of her pieces would be stunning in a little girl's nursery or as a centerpiece in a light-filled living room. Or maybe hanging in my bedroom? (Ok ok, mostly hanging in my bedroom). I find Hillary's work so inspiring. 

And I love that you can commission a custom piece (wouldn't that be an amazing wedding or anniversary gift?), and that her work comes in tiny (and affordable!) 4" and 6" squares, perfect for hanging on a gallery wall.
Image of "Dr. Seuss Crosses the Delaware" 4" x 4"
Image of "I Lost My Markel!" 6" x 6"

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