Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sweet Pajamas: Plum Pretty Sugar

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If you looked closely at my Valentine's Gift Guides, you might have noticed a pair of pretty pajamas. I wanted to share more about them because I think this is such a perfect gift (for yourself, your best friend, your sister, your bridesmaids, your mom...) Plum Pretty Sugar makes the sweetest pajamas in all sorts of modern styles including rompers, crop tops, adorable side-tie pants...

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I like them so much I bought a pair for my sister for Christmas, along with a completely adorable matching kimono-style robe for my niece Margot.
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I think they are really affordable for the quality, and the cotton is lightweight and soft. I love the patterns, which are so feminine, and I love that they offer plus sizes, maternity sets, and that you can "bulk order" for your bridesmaids (I mean, come on, can you imagine how gorgeous those "getting ready" photos would be if all your bridesmaids were in these pajamas?). I also love that you can mix-and-match.

Do yourself a favor. Go buy yourself a pair. You won't regret it.

P.S. One thing I learned buying the set for my sister was that the packaging leaves- well, a little to be desired. Based on how pretty they are, I had expected some beautiful packaging. In reality, not so much. They come wrapped in plastic bags (no pretty brown paper or bows here), and are flat- like flat flat flat. I found that to give them as a gift, I needed to take them out of the bag, fluff them up, fold them, and box them myself. Be prepared to do a little fluffing if you order some.

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  1. Question: How well do they wash? Did they shrink? I love having nice pajamas, but find that they always shrink, leading me to start buying only from brands that have a "tall" size. I love these and would like to give them a try, but might select the style based on whether or not I can expect them to stay the same size after washing...

  2. Great question! I will ask my sister how they've washed up and report back. I will tell you that I tried them on to get some sense of fit, and the large pants hit long enough on me (I'm 5'8) that I would have been ok with them shrinking up 1/2 inch or so...

  3. Follow up- here's my sister's report on how they wash up (note- she's 5'8):

    "They wash a little wrinkly but still just as soft and I didn't notice any significant shrinking. I'm sure they must have been preshrunk. I love them."

    Hope that helps!